Mountain Climbing Spots for Beginners

It’s a difficult sport to get into, mountain climbing. Apart from not all that many people out there doing it, there’s also the Catch-22 nature of the sport and how to get good in the beginning. Without getting yourself killed, that is.

One of the most common questions we get at Kingsley Mountain Climbing is where beginners can go to find challenging but safe hikes. Climbers of all types make mistakes, even experience ones, but those mistakes are generally a lot higher in number when you’re just getting your feet wet in the sport.

Mountain Climb Travel

So where do beginner mountain climbers turn to for advice? Quite a few places, actually. Most importantly, you’ll want to surround yourself with experts who’ve been around a rock or two and can help you stay safe while learning a thing or two.

Places to hike and climb

Arizona is one of our favorite places to send beginner climbers, both for the climate and the abundance of flat, grip-able rock faces. A short hop from there is Utah and California where even more climbing spots can be found. It’s also a great idea to start out your climbing career in rocky gyms where you can learn a lot of the skills and strengthen a lot of the muscles for real outdoor hiking. Their padded floors, air conditioning, and emergency medical staff make it a great place to “learn the ropes.”

The right climbing gear

However or wherever you train, it’s absolutely paramount that you have the right equipment. Having high quality equipment made from top brands is also important. Climbing is an exceptionally technical sport that requires highly technical pieces of equipment that have to work 100% of the time, not 95% or even 98%. Yes, spending a little extra money on having the right equipment from the very best brands will be worth it. Trust us.

Most importantly (besides safety), have fun out there! Grow this sport. Tell your friends about it, and join lots of great communities of climbers.